June 25, 2008


I love kids. I love playing with them, laughing with them, holding their little hands, talking with them, asking them questions, being surrounded by them. They are just so cute. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was helping the principal at my little sister's school. There was this little boy-maybe five or six years old and he got in trouble. He kicked this other little boy and made him bleed. Anyway, I had to help the little boy who got in trouble write a "sorry" letter and fill out a Personal Improvement Plan(PIP). 

So, he didn't know very many words, so I had to help him spell everything. He was so adorable. But, he was so sad and that hurt me so much. I hate it when people are sad.

There is a tradition at the school, every Wednesday there is something called Flag Ceremony and they give out Honor Pins. How to earn an honor pin: follow the rules. This little boy wanted an Honor Pin so bad and it was his last chance for the school year. And he didn't get it. It made me want to cry ( I'm very emotional.) 

So, I love kids, and when they're sad, it makes me sad too. 

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