July 1, 2008

June is Over!

Is it me or did June just fly right by us? Here is an overview of my very interesting June:
  • I made $140.00 babysitting!! I can't believe it!
  • I got sunburned.
  • Created 2 Blogs.
  • Got out of school for the summer.
  • Volunteered at VBS!
  • Played outside.
  • Went to the movies.
  • Watched Movies
  • Bought a Kate Spade purse. 
Didn't I tell you it was very interesting?


sushigirl4996 said...

oh ya and my ? about why u were up @ 1 : 30 in the morning is gone to . y?

Bella Cullen said...

i deleted some of the comments and i was hyper and couldn't go to sleep.

sushigirl4996 said...

i like everything except getting sunburned