July 26, 2008

Our Enemies

We all have enemies, don't we? Whether its a neighbor, an old best friend, an ex-boyfriend, or some one we just don't like. But, are we obsessed with them? Do we constantly gossip about them or backstab them? 

If we are obsessed with the people who we call our enemies, why? I mean, since you became "enemies", you talked about them, and they probably talked about you, but that's natural, at least I think. But after we haven't been friends with them for a while and we are still talking about them day after day, are we being just a tad bit obsessive at least? 

Why are we enemies with the people who we once called our best friend, our boyfriend, who we talked to on the phone hour after hour, the people who we once loved? Is it because we are "following" our best friends? Or, we just didn't like them? Is it because they broke our hearts?

And, If we miss those who are our enemies, and we think they feel the same way how do we fix it? A letter? An email? Calling them? If we miss them so much, what are we waiting for? Are we scared, that we hurt them so much that they could never forgive us, that what we did was unforgivable? But, I believe that if you really loved them and missed them, that you could make it work once more. 

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sushigirl4996 said...

i havent really thought about this. i have lost friends without really losing them. like 4 example( i wont say names) i kinda left my friends from wild rose. i dont really no why though. i think it was because i was making new friends and they didnt want we around because of that. so i left. it dosent mean i did forevr. i saw them around skool. but was a little shy to say hi and stuff because i had saw that they had made new friends 2. of corse 1 day i finally came around to it. i think the main reason between enemies is beacuse a lack of communication. just because ur not talking dosent nessisariley mean that ur fighting though. my story dosent really relate to this post but i just wanted to piont that out. sorry