August 19, 2008

The 2008 Olympics

Ok, so you have to be living in a hole or something to not know what the heck I am talking about. Ok, maybe you are not, but that just sounded good:). So, I didn't get a chance to watch the Opening Games, thanks to babysitting:). Although, I did babysit some good kids:). Anyway, I did watch the swimming. It was amazing!!! Especially the Synchronized Diving. Michael Phelps was so awesome! I was actually watching the Olympics when he broke the world record. Everyone was in shock, crying, and so proud, and I never really understood it. Until now.

Yesterday I was mindlessly on my computer and then, all of a sudden, I thought, 'I have things to download in iTunes.' So, I opened the wonder program (that's what I call it) and I went to the store's homepage. Under the top ten songs, I saw a song called "Change" by Taylor Swift. And, I love her. Her voice is so perfect. I listened to the preview and went on YouTube. I searched the song and watched the music video. I really concentrated on the words, instead of the pictures, and I started bawling. I mean, like really crying, which is really rare for me. I'll cry, but not so much that I start gasping for air. For the first time, since I can remember, I was really, really proud of the United States. I think that song made me finally realize that we broke a world record. And, we have won the most Medals so far. I am so proud of our country - whether or not we win the most medals:). 


sushigirl4996 said...

omg! uve only watched swimming??!! i loved everysecond of the olimpics

Bella Cullen said...

I wish I could have!!!! I missed the Opening, too. Babysitting:).