August 29, 2008


Being Jealous. Green with envy. The same thing. We are told that if we are jealous, we are not necessarily good people, but it's natural. If there weren't any emotions we would be boring. Dull.  Lifeless. 

But, why exactly are we jealous? Is the person better than we are? Are they prettier? Smarter? Have more potential than we do? Are they able to attract anyone and everyone you want to be girlfriend/ boyfriend with? What is the big deal? Why are we so jealous?

And when we eventually realize that we are indeed jealous of this person, how do we stop? If we were mean to them in the past,when we were jealous of them, how do we redeem ourselves? Do we apologize profusely until they are annoyed enough and eventually forgive us? Or, do we act like nothing ever happened, and hope that they forgive your behavior, and become friends with you? 

How do we describe jealousy? Are they're really words to how you feel when someone has the exact cell phone you want? Or, the perfect parents? (These are just examples.) Or, that huge house that everyone is dying to see? 

Do we admit that we are jealous of someone? Would that be bad for our 'ego'? And, if it is, and we were mean to someone that we shouldn't have been mean to and we really want to be on friendlier terms with them now, would it really kill us to "spill our guts" to them and let them know how we really feel? 

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