August 25, 2008


Lying. Something that we are constantly told not to do. We are even punished when we do lie. We have been told from the time that we said our first word not to lie, but some of us still do. 

Why is the exact reason that we lie? I mean, how hard would it be for us to tell everyone the truth, all of the time? Pretty hard in my opinion.

And, do people, especially friends and family want the truth all of the time? They say they do, but do they really? And, if they do, would they be able to bear it? If we told them that they really did kind of look bad in that dress, that the new haircut doesn't really suit them, would they still want to be our friend? 

Is fibbing any better though? If we tell a "white lie" is it better than just straight out lying? If we admitted that we fibbed, instead of lying, would we be in any less trouble? What if we expand the truth? Is it the same as lying or fibbing? Does exaggeration also fit into that category?   

People say when you lie once, you have to keep creating more and more lies to cover the truth up. That just makes everything so much more complicated. Do we like complicated? Is that the reason we lie? Do we like the drama that comes along with all of the lying?

When we tell people the truth, and they say something bad or something mean about it, we want to lie, right? We then feel after they have made their comments, that we are not good enough for them. So, we lie. We exaggerate the truth. Or, when all else fails, we expand the truth. Does that make us any better than someone who just straight out lies? 

And, once we get into the habit of lying, how do we get out of it? Or, once we start is there no way out? Who do we ask for help? Our friends, our mom or dad, a trusted adult? How do we redeem ourselves? And, if the person who you lied to accepts your apology, do they really trust you? How can we show them or tell them that you will never, ever lie to them again? We all know that actions speak louder than words, but do they really? How do we show them that we will not lie again? 

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