August 5, 2008

Poetry: Homelessness

I wrote this about two years ago... and I just found it yesterday.

I said I was cold.
But not as cold as
those with nothing.

People just like me, 
Alone, living in a box
they worry about money 
but I don't.

They messed up their lives, 
people just like me
no where to live,
I have a house
I have a life,
they don't.

I want to help them, 
But what could I do?

Is this their punishment?
I don't know.

The shelters are full, 
it's 31 degrees outside, 
their cold
nothing to eat
nothing to do
nothing at all

They were once like me
once a little girl, a little boy
careless and free of worries
Nothing to worry about

Now they worry about everything, 
How can we help?

1 comment:

Chloe Winstone said...

this is such an amazing poem!
it really spoke to me.