September 26, 2008


Death. Something that is feared, but we are told is a natural part of life. So, if it is a natural part of life, and something that is meant to be experienced why do we fear it so much?

Did someone put us on this Earth to constantly be fearing this and that? And, if they did put us on this Earth to constantly be fearing things, why did they? Did they want to torture us?

What would be the "best" way to die? Someone shooting you? Cancer? A car accident? How would you want to die? And, what age would you want to be? Would you want to die the oldest person or be young?

Personally, I would want to live a long, heathy life and die in the quickest way. But, some people might disagree with me. Maybe somebody else would want to die really slow, because they think that if death is something that is meant to be done, let's "take it slow", so to speak. Some might want to die when they're young. But, I believe that we are put on this Earth for a reason, and maybe when we die young it might teach other people things. Maybe, but I don't think that's the case:(. 


sushigirl4996 said...

you no maybe cancer is the best way to die. canswer. jk!

McGlone Bunch said...

who are you and were did you get all of this insight from??? I would love to say wonderful parenting :) but I am sure that can not be.
your blog is wonderful and I look forward to learning new things about you all the time.