September 30, 2008

Falling in Love

Falling in love. We all claim that one time in our life that we have or are falling in love. But, how do we know when we really do fall in love?

I have claimed to be in love several times, but eventually I came to reality and realized how dumb and immature the person actually was, and did not like him after that. When do we know that we are in love and have found our soul mate? Is there a little voice in the back of our head telling us "This is the one"? Or, do we see the light at the end of the tunnel and think "This is the person I want to be with the rest of my life, this is my soul mate."

And, what happens when we think we fell in love with this person and we eventually get sick and tired of them, what do we do? Do we go look for a soul mate yet again? Or, do we stay with that person to spare their feelings?

If we stay with them to spare their feelings, do we then cheat on them? Is that the reason why people cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife?

And, when we eventually fall in love for real what does it feel like? Does it feel like we finally know who our other half is and we will love them until we die, and maybe after that?

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McGlone Bunch said...

Okay here we will be in and out of love many times before you find the right one to love for all eternity..and once you do find that one you will fall in and out of love with one another..when you fall back in love it is deeper than before..there is no cheating ..if there is it is not the real deal..that is how life goes..if you are lucky. Like me :) It took me a long time but, He was worth the wait!!!!
I mean just look at what we have produced :)