September 17, 2008


I have been thinking more and more about Life recently, and how valuable it really is. I believe that we are not put on this Earth to just throw our lives away. That whoever put us on this Earth did not put us here to be reckless, commit suicide, become an alcoholic, get addicted to drugs, or to hurt people. But, did they? Did they put us on this Earth to become reckless? 

Whoever put us on this Earth what did they want us to learn? Life lessons? To love each other? To hate? Did they put us here so that we could be good or bad influences? Did they put us here to change a life, in a positive or negative way? Why are we here?

I wonder about these things more, knowing that there are so many people who have broken laws and hurt innocent people. Why did they get put on this Earth? 

Maybe the people who hurt other people were put here because without them, we wouldn't know that there were good people and bad people, we would all be the same. We would not know that what we were about to do was bad, because we would have no "example". And, if we were to do something good, we would not know that it was good because we would not have an "example". 

If the people who mistreat their life, who commit suicide, who use drugs and drink alcohol, and take it for granted, is there a punishment for them? Do they go to a different place than the people who did good with their life?

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