September 22, 2008

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy. Something that is constantly on our minds as teenagers. Not getting pregnant. Not being "that girl" who ended up being pregnant when she was sixteen.

But, what if we want to be "that girl" who gets pregnant? What if we know what we are getting into? What if we really, really want a baby and cannot wait another couple of years? Is it really worth being considered an "outcast" by all of your friends and family to get the baby that you want?

And, what if the father of your baby is the only man who you think you will always want to be with and love unconditionally? Does that make getting pregnant when you are a teenager any more morally correct? Or, is getting pregnant morally correct? 

When someone in our family or one of our friends gets pregnant, what do we say? Do we support them or turn on their backs and call them names and say how it is "so wrong for them to get pregnant at such a young age"? What do we do?

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Anonymous said...

i personally, think teenagers should live their lives and not even consider getting pregnant because a baby isn't just for christmas... it is for life, and once you have that baby, there is no going back. So maybe if you are feeling brody you should think about what you want to achieve in life before trying for a baby! get qualifications, save up lots of money, meet the right guy! and then if you still feel brody then go for it!!! There is no rush into having a child, you have got your whole life to worry about that! Trust me :-)