October 20, 2008

Being Heartbroken

Being heartbroken. Having your heart broken. Something that is normally associated with a partner, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But, when you are heartbroken is it necessarily over a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Could you be heartbroken because one of your family or friends is dead or almost dying? Could you be heartbroken because someone betrayed you? Could you be heartbroken because your pet is dead? Could you be heartbroken for no reason what so ever? 

Yes, you can be, but most people just focus on breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or fighting with your partner as the only way that you can be heartbroken. 

This summer, one of my uncles broke my heart. Literally. 

This uncle, I had loved, since I had met him. This was the person who I used to sit on the couch and watch television with, and dream of going tornado chasing with. And, then one day, it was all lost. I was at my aunt's house and he walked in and yelled at my aunt about a piece of paper, and he took a shower. Twenty minutes later, he was out the door, and he did not even say hello or good-bye. This devastated me, and he didn't even seem like my uncle anymore, he seemed like a stranger, someone who was just there in the flesh. Several occasions have came up where we have seen him, and he does not even acknowledge me. It seems like my heart was broken, because in a since it was. I had loved him and I thought, at least, that he had also loved me.

I am not one to normally hold grudges, but this was wrong, and I think a lot of would realize that. Maybe I am being too harsh on him, but it offended me, and he should have at least said hi, don't you think? And, if he didn't realize it was wrong, shouldn't he be saying hi now?

So, being heartbroken. It's not just your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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