October 4, 2008


Suicide. Something that people do for various reasons. Maybe they are sad. Or, maybe they do not feel the need to live. Or, maybe they just give up.

On average, more than one million people worldwide commit suicide. More people die committing suicide than by murder and in war. I think that it is so sad. 

What if your life was so horrible and there was no solution? Would you end your life yourself? What if you could not fix something, like cheating on your wife or husband, and they hated you, would you end you life, even if there was a sliver of hope?

What do people who are thinking about committing suicide need, help? But does help really help them? Or, is what they really need is someone to talk to, a friend, someone who can help them and get to know them? 

We all need a friend, someone we could talk to, tell all of our secrets to. So if we gave everyone who was thinking about committing suicide a friend, a person to talk to, would it make them feel any better? Would it make them want to live?

So, my goal is to stop people from committing suicide and give them someone to talk to.

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