October 16, 2008

What Do We Do?

What do we do when the world is suddenly crashing upon us? When everything was stable one day and the next it is completely unstable and you have no idea what to expect? When change is suddenly too hard or came to fast for our bodies and minds to take it in? 

The logical answer would be to make the best of it and make do. But, is the logical answer the correct answer?

What is the correct answer? It is certainly not to curl up in a ball and let the misery or pain eat away at us. So, what is it? Do we go to school and work and pretend nothing ever happened, that the world is the same that it was days ago? Or, is there a grace period, like two or three weeks, that you are allowed to cry and frown and be miserable?

And, by some slight miracle things start to get a little bit better, do we have to like them, and cooperate? Or, are we allowed to say no and disobey the rules, rather than suck it up and agree with the person, or the change?  

I say no, and that is the reason that we are all here, to disagree with change, to question it, and to stand up to it, and not just to give up. If we all gave up, the world would be pretty darn boring. 

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