November 11, 2008

The Afterlife

The afterlife. In simpler terms, where we go after we die. Where do we go after we die? 

Do our "spirits" leave our bodies and go someplace else? Or, do we just die and thats that? 

Many religions believe many different things. The "good" people go to heaven. The "bad" people go to a place called hell, supposedly. What is the truth? Has anyone ever gone to where we go to after we die and then come back and tell the story? No. At least not that I know of. So, how do we know that what we are being told is actually true? We don't. We believe what we want to believe. Some of us may believe that we are going to "heaven" because we are good people and good people supposedly go to heaven. 

But is believing in heaven wrong? No, I don't think so. If there is a man or a woman who is going to kill someone, but they strongly believe in heaven and a religion, and they really want to go to heaven, is there anything wrong with that? 

But, in a sense, this heaven is supposed to be paradise, literally. What if, if we got there, it was not what we were told about? We were told that it was paradise, and there were people robbing each other and people disobeying the rules, now that would not be heaven, would it? 

So, where is there truth? Is it hidden someone to be figured out? Or, do we have to develop it for ourselves?

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