November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday. It was yesterday. Do any of you wonder why it's called that, or am I the only one? Well, click here for their website. 

Sales, sales, sales. That's pretty much the bottom line, but do we ever just stop? You will get my point later. 

For example, in New York yesterday, a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when people were let into shop. Trampled to death and no one stopped. And, when other Wal-Mart workers tried to help the one who was being trampled, people were furious. The workers were also trampled. When they had to close the Wal-Mart down because of the man who died, people got a lot more furious. Witnesses describe the situation as "Chaotic, unruly, a mess." So, this is what it comes down to, people would rather get something on sale than save a human being? They would rather see one person dead than save him and make a difference? 

What has this world come to? Why are we suddenly acting this way? All we care about is sales, money, and ourselves? We don't care enough to open our eyes and become a little less selfish?

Apparently, not. 

To read the article that I got the information from (about the Wal-Mart employee) can be seen here.

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