November 23, 2008

The Movie

The movie. What movie? Twilight!

Warning.... Spoilers Below!

I saw it at midnight and it was amazing. It was more that what I expected. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson did an excellent job. They portrayed Bella and Edward perfectly. I was and still am astonished by how many people hated the movie. I loved it and thought that it was perfect and I could not have asked for anything more.

Something I don't get is that people criticize the movie when they had no part in it. It would be okay if anyone who actually had a part in it said anything, because they actually had a part in it, and I didn't, or any of the other people who say that something was missing, it wasn't good enough, or whatever. I mean, of course people are entitled to their opinions. But, I loved it, so I cannot criticize it. 

The music was amazing. I loved Bella's Lullaby. It was so beautiful. Especially with Edward at the Piano:). Rob Pattinson's song was amazing. I love the song, the lyrics, everything. I can sit here and tell you everything I love about Rob, but that would take too long:). 

The movie was hilarious. Especially the part where Rosalie says, "That's my monkey man." Right after Emmett climbs the tree. Emmett was the funniest, and Edward was the most romantic, but maybe I'm a little biased:). 

So, I loved it. And I want to go see it again, and again, and again. 


Anonymous said...

Have you started reading Midnight Sun, by Stephanie Meyer? It is Twilight from Edward's perspective. Available here:
Read what Stephanie Meyer says about it first. Pretty interesting and very frustrating for her. Kudos to her for letting us in on the action, though.

Bella Cullen said...

I've actually already read it! I loved it, and although I am upset about her decision, because I wanted to see it from Edward's perspective. I support it, and am glad that she made the decision she did. Thanks.