November 3, 2008

My Favorite Blogs, Part One

If you do not already know, I read a lot of blogs. Well, maybe not a lot, but here are the ones I enjoy the most.

C Jane's Blog. I was introduced in August and have been addicted ever since. She is a strong woman and I wish the best for her family. Click here to visit her blog.

C Jane's sister, Nie Nie's blog. I love it. Must I say more? I am constantly inspired as she blogs about her day to day life. Click here to visit Nie Nie's blog.

My Mom's Blog. Here you will read about the events of our family. Click here to visit my family's blog, if you are a stalker and such.

The Terrills' Blog. I babysit them almost every weekend, and I like to hear what is going on. I am a little nosy, okay! Click here to visit their blog.

Twilight News. A blog on almost everything Twilight movie related. Click here to visit their blog. 

Spencer's Blog. A fun read. Click here to see it. 

Mary's blog. I do not know her, but she worships Twilight, kind of like me:).  Click here to read her blog.

Is that enough blogs to keep you reading? Yep, I thought so.

1 comment:

Spencer said...

hey Keeanna,
thanks for the mention in the post i appreciate the P.R.