November 2, 2008

Where is God?

Before the priest read the reading today at church, he said this,  "God is everywhere." I have been thinking about this ever since he said that, and I have a couple of questions.

If God really is everywhere, where is God when the innocent child gets raped?

 Where is God when the guy who has just been released out of jail goes and kills three people, separating families and hurting others? 

Where is God when someone commits suicide? 

Where is God when cars crash and people die?

What is God when the young couple's baby gets born still?

Where is he when all of these things happen?

Where is he when so many people's lives are bad, and so many people are dying?

Where is he when crowds of people are being bombed in Iraq?

Where is he when the little girl's dad dies fighting for his country?

Is God still there? And, if he is really there all the time, why is he not preventing any of this? 

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Jessica Secret said...

I don't know....Those are some excellent questions. I like your blog!