December 28, 2008

Christmas... A Little Bit Late!

Christmas. I had an amazing one. Filled with laughter, love, happiness, and family. How was yours?

Many people reflect on what their favorite gift or gifts are, but I don't want to. Okay, maybe, but at the end:). 

One of the things I enjoyed most this Christmas is being with my friends and family. Sitting with them at the Christmas Eve mass, being surrounded by them, it was amazing, and I have never felt the warmth in my heart like I did that night. 

I think if more people focused on the true reason of Christmas, more people would be filled with the Christmas Spirit, like I was that night. 

We all had a great time, caught up, and shared a few old stories. It was great!

* By the way, if you were wondering what my favorite gift was, it was my new coat:). Don't forget to play the game here .

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