January 2, 2009

100th Post, Resolutions, and Other Things

This post is my 100th! I cannot believe that I am saying this, I have waited for this day since I got this blog, and if certain things had not gotten in the way, I would have probably accomplished this a lot earlier. I have talked about numerous things, asked questions, and let you all know what I thought on various things. 

Now, to my New Year's Resolutions....

  1. Don't start biting my nails again. (Look at the post below to know more about this!)
  2.  Love more. 
  3. Live life, and don't regret a single thing.
  4. Stop falling in love with Fictional characters from books that are not real. (This might not be possible.) :)
Now, for "Other Things". Here comes the bragging......

Guess who got an autographed picture of Carlisle from her aunt? If you guessed me, you're right! I cannot keep from staring at it, though. Thank you Aunt Stacy! Oh, and I also got Alice's necklace form Twilight, also from my Aunt Stacy. Thank you again.

The bragging stops here!

Another story of what happened today... or what DID NOT happen (it depends who you are.) I was reading something online and guess what klutzy me did? Spilled apple juice all over my desk. (The story changed here for who you are, especially for my mom.) I quickly picked everything up, and rescued Carlisle. ( I just had to put that in there.):) Again, the story changes depending on who exactly you are. 

Today was a great day, even though I got really, really cold. I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow ( I hope) and I will tell you how it goes!

Happy 2009!!

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