January 28, 2009

Babies, PE, and Tests

Today was the funniest day in the history of funny days=). PE, was hilarious, to say the least. I'll tell you about it later=D. 

My mom's friend is the principal of my sister's school.... and we babysat her baby (Neddie.) (It's a nickname.) My mom says she looks a lot like me, except she has crystal clear blue eyes. I just looked at her and said, "Right, like I would have a baby." (Okay, maybe with Carlisle, but that's a whole different story.) =) Anyway, she is only six months old and is the most well behaved baby I have ever seen. So, I took a bunch of pictures of her, and she is my inspiration to the next What the World Needs post:). Stay tuned to see it:). 

Ok, so in PE today, we had Walking Wednesday, and we are *supposed to* walk around the field, but some of us choose to run. So, Kelly, two other people, and I chose to play Ring Around the Roses for a couple minutes. It was so much fun=). Then, as we were getting on our numbers, a certain someone, who was also involved with The Gun Show put his hand in my face. I really, really enjoyed that (sarcasm intended.)=D

My Social Studies and Science tests were so easy, I almost laughed. Since I finished early, I got to read The Host. It's finally getting good. 

So, after the science test, my science teacher said, "Yay! We get to do another test tomorrow." He also jumped up and down.... it was very funny=D. (We have a benchmark test tomorrow, too!) 

I saw a picture of Robert Pattinson in a magazine today, and he looked gorgeous=). 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am babysitting on Saturday for the people who own the dog. Click here if you have no idea what I am talking about. 

I am going to talk to My Princess (my sister), who is also an inspiration to my next What the World Needs post. Oh, and did I tell you she has been exposed to The Chicken Pox? I am not very happy=(. 


McGlone Bunch said...

You are right she is what the world needs more of :) I love to shurblurt her fat little legs!!!
She is a joy to look at.
It took me back to the days when you and the princess were tiny too. Oh how I wish I could turn the clock back for just a bit :)

sushigirl4996 said...

ooooh chiken pox sucks. i had it twice. yea you can get it twice. its actually very common now