January 9, 2009


Okay. I have not been Blogging, I will admit to it. But, be ready to read, because I have a story or two, or three.

I finally got my hair cut, which involved cutting 5 whole inches off of my hair that was already
short. It's a little bit above my shoulders. Oh, I got side bangs! Finally! And, for the record, they are not ALWAYS in a bobby pin. 

Today Spirit Dress at my school was backwards wear, and it was hilarious. One of the kids in my first period walked, talked, dressed, sat, even wore his glasses backwards. It was funny! I loved it. He actually was able to do it all day! He walked into the Leadership Room, and talked backwards. It was pretty darn funny!

So, in Language Arts today, we had a test on Verbs, and after that we got to read. Well, some of us actually did that, while others, well.... One of the girls I sat next to had this poster of a bunch of pictures from Twilight on it, you know, like one of the ones that you get from a magazine like Beat, I thinks it's called. Well, she had done all of these goofy drawings on Robert Pattinson and that girl from Secret Life of the American Teenager, too. Well, at one point, the whole class had seen it, and we were all laughing, like almost peeing your pants laughing, and the teacher didn't notice. Oh, and then six or seven people left the class (they were supposed to for Leadership). 

Guess what? Nie Nie will be posting come next Friday! And guess who's so happy, she was jumping around and screaming at anyone who would listen, in my house? Me! I am so excited, but that doesn't even begin to cover it. If you too want to read Nie Nie's Blog, scroll down and in the left hand column, there is a button that says I Read Nie Nie, click on it.

I finished my book today. It was very, very good, but really, really sad at the same time. The book is called The Lovely Bones and it is written by Alice Sebold, who was supposedly raped herself. Click here if you want to buy it. 

OMC! (Oh my Carlisle)... You can buy a life sized Edward Cullen poster! I would buy it... but it's not Carlisle... and he would be pretty mad if we walked in and saw Edward on a huge poster. Click here if you are interested! Oh, and the Twilight DVD is now available to pre-order. I started jumping up and down when I heard this, so I thought I would spread the joy=). Click here to buy it! I am not going to pre-order it, I am going to but it on iTunes, so I can have it where ever I go, because I am an addict like that=).

Does anyone know how in the world you make a label cloud? If you do, can you comment and let me know because I am dying here not knowing. 

Should I change the title of this blog? Comment with a title if you want it changed...

Before the Spirit Rally at school today, my study hall teacher announced that there will be a survey on whether or not we will be keeping Study Hall. I don't really like the teacher, but I love the class, it's my daydreaming time=). Don't ask... I'll be explaining later on. No, really, I love it, I can actually get some homework done. I hope they don't take out of the schedule. 

Okay... daydreaming. It's the best, especially when your teacher NEVER calls on you. You should try it... just not when you're running, or walking, or... driving. Daydream while sitting down. 

I finally learned how to say Peter Facinelli's last name... and I love saying it. Even more than I like saying "Passed Unanimously" or McDreamy... it's weird=).

I found this online... I know Book 7 is already out, but it made me laugh.

Grey's Anatomy is back on, and I am watching it right now! Yay! 

Okay, in PE today, we had free choice, and I walked, because I had a really, really big headache. So, anyway, I was telling one of my friends that in the baseball scene of Twilight, Edward flips Emmett off.  They didn't believe me... it's on YouTube somewhere.. pause it right after Edward and Emmett collide.. and there it is... You get to see Edward's Naughty side (no pun intended.)

What do you all think of the background? Should I change it, or leave it, it is after all winter... Anyway, let me know. 

I drew a bear in Leadership... it was so funny. It was all fat and it looked like roadkill. 

One of my friends told me she was going to get shoes like mine, click here to see them. But, then she said that she didn't want to get them, because she would be copying me.. it's okay... you can copy me.

Okay, now I have to go to sleep, I have to do a school project tomorrow=(.


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