January 17, 2009

NieNie and Bad Days( The Two Are Not Related!)

This really bothers me. ( Click where is says "This".)

We might be going hiking... as a family=). It shall be fun! Oh, and the dog is going. 

Yesterday was a bad day. My science teacher wasn't there and my language arts teacher threatened us with detention. It wasn't fun.

Then we had Girl Scouts and I found out who someone likes=). Then, we made goals. My goal for February was to blog more. Oh Dang it, I just remembered that it is still January=).  We looked through magazines too... it was fun:).

I watched Grey's Anatomy, can you say cliffhanger? That is my comment. 

I finished reading a 70 chapter FanFiction, finally. It took me two weeks to read it. 

I have to go to the Library, because I am almost done with Just Listen... it's a great book.

I read NieNie's newest post... it brought me to tears. 


sushigirl4996 said...

i cant belive kristen!

Bella Cullen said...

I know when I read it... I was devastated.