January 20, 2009


I stayed home from school today =). I am such a ditcher. No, I stayed home to watch the Presidential Inauguration. I got the chills a lot. Obama's speech was amazing. If you missed the speech, you can see it here

Then, I went shopping and found a shirt like Esme's from Twilight, so I bought it=). 

I have to do the longest to-do list ever today. It's not fun=(.

Now I have to go clean my room and do more homework. I found some funny icons online, so I'll post those later. 

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McGlone Bunch said...

You are the history of this wonderful country. I am glad I let you stay home even though I was at In-N-Out :) happy :( yet sad. I wanted to watch it with you. Oh, and I love the shirt. Aren't you glad you BB sit???? for those extra things you want.