January 30, 2009

Cyber-Bullying and Notecards

Today was a great day. I finished all of my homework (I didn't have any school) and managed to still have fun. My mom even got to help me with my homework=), except she was in the shower at the time, so it made talking a little bit difficult. Then, she asked if I was on the computer, and I said yes, and she yelled at me (because she was still in the shower) and told me to get off of it. I did.

Then, when she left for her tattoo appointment, she said I could go back on it, and so I went on YouTube, a website that I now do not like. I didn't really go on it a lot before, but I am going to try to boycott it. I was looking at one of my friend's YouTube channels, and then I realized that one of my other friends had a YouTube account and had commented. And then another friend. And so on. Then, I found what I have been looking for (kind of). I found one of the funniest guys at our school's channel. I watched some of his videos, and noticed the hateful comments and the awful language that they were using. (Hint the title, Cyber-Bullying). I was so sad, I was in tears. (Granted, that happens a lot, for I am a very emotional person.) I showed my mom (when she got back from her appointment) and she was disappointed. I told her my plan of boycotting YouTube, and she approved=). 

And, what made me even more disgusted was that I am trying to stay away from this kind of language. 

I told my sister about this story at dinner, and she started crying, too. 

We (my sister and I) had dinner with my grandma and then we went to Rite Aid. It was fun, and I got some of my favorite candy there=). Then, she came back to the house and we hung out. I went on the computer and my grandma and my sister knit while watching Television. (My sister is only eight.)

Once my grandma left, I wrote one of my friends a card back, and then I wrote a card to my grandma. I am still trying to write it. 

I am going to see "Puppy, Puppy" tomorrow=). 

I am reading The State of the Blogger on Technorati... I encourage you all to read it. It is very interesting. (If you click on "The State of the Blogger on Technorati"... it will take you to the link.)

My mom told her tattoo artist that I blogged and she was impressed.=)

I added a new song to my Playlist. Try to figure out what I added=).

Now I am off to go to sleep, I have to get up early... my sister has a belt test for her Karate... and I have to take pictures=).


McGlone Bunch said...

That sounds so white Trash Tattoo artist.... but, I guess it is better than Tattoo person, guy, ink slinger, I could go on....but, I won't.
Puppy, Puppy :)

McGlone Bunch said...

Oh and the bullying thing made me so mad I could "spit" a old saying :) I love that guy. I live for the stories. You go Girl!!!! show your power and boycott!!! The Princess loves him too!!!! She always yells HELLO!!!!!!