January 15, 2009

France and If We Were on Survivor...

I had a bad hair day. It was bad. 

Science today mad up for my lack of great hair though=). Our teacher told us that he was France while he was in college, and his girlfriend at the time, now wife, asked him to meet her at the Eiffel Tower. Well, he had to walk for four hours to get there, because he could not speak French. Then, when he got there, he really, really had to go pee (his words, not mine). Then, there were four entrances to the Eiffel Tower. He had to borrow change from someone to be able to got the bathroom. He never told us how exactly he borrowed the change. Later, he said the four letters we need to remember to remember the four time periods. They were PPMC, and he said "Pee pee McClure." And then he said that his story actually tied into the lesson:). It was funny:).

I finally made a Playlist account. Next up: Flickr or FanFiction? That will forever be a mystery.

I watched President Bush's farewell speech at 5 pm. It brought me to tears and I enjoyed listening to it. My mom started crying too. 

Tomorrow is crazy hair day:). I'll post pictures with my crazy hair:). Prepare to be amazed. My project is also due tomorrow and we have a fire drill. Hopefully it's during PE. 

We played volleyball in PE today, and let's just say, I am not the best at it. Neither are two of my other friends:). So, this really competitive guy in our group was all like," You've already served. Go move up." So, one of my friends added, " If we were on Survivor, I would have voted him off the island." I laughed=). And then, what made it better, when I got home, I saw a commercial for the show. It was awesome. 

I'm working on my Playlist right now, I'll put it on my blog as soon as possible=).  Please note that the Bella's lullaby that is on my Playlist is not from the movie, I like this one better=).

I'm thinking of making a blog about book reviews. Anyone have an opinion? Let me know if you do. 

I'm off to go work on that Playlist some more. 

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