January 29, 2009

A Fresh Start

Guess what? I don't have school tomorrow... I know you all are green with envy:D. Many of you will ask what I will be doing, and I will just tell you. I am going to try to sleep in, an emphasis on the *try* part. I am then going to read some Fan Fiction, and take a shower. Then, at 6pm, I am going to go out to dinner with My Princess (my sister) and my Grandma (Ammy). Then, I will come home, and watch some Dog Whisperer (if it's on). I know, you really needed to know all of that:). 

So, as I was sitting somewhere, and I am not going to mention where, but I had a little bit of an ephipany. I had to write it down, and yes, I will admit I was being very, very rude, but my back was to the teacher, so I was being a ninja=). So, in the middle of me writing it down, she says, "Put that away." I thought she meant me, but she meant the guy sitting in front of me, playing with his cell phone. Whew... I was saved=). Anyway, I finished writing it down, and I have it, but I left it in my school bag, and that is at home, and I am at my sister's Karate studio=). I'll blog it when I get home, if I am not already blogged out by then. 

Anyway, in PE, one of the guys that I used to have a crush on (we are now friends) and she showed me that his elbow was bleeding. Being a vampire=D, I told him I would eat him (as a joke), and he took it seriously. He asked me if I liked him, and of course, I said no. He laughed and said, "Right..." Seriously, I don't like him. 

Was the new What the Worlds Needs post all that you wanted? I hope so, and I have a few more up my sleeve. 

We had a "Super Bowl" today at school, during Study Hall. The Football game was the teachers versus the students. The teachers won.... and I am happy=). My science teacher played the game, and we told him to just tell the students some things about Evolution and he would win the game. He did his trademark smile, and then ran off. 

There was a lot of drama there too, involving boys (what doesn't now?) and who they like. One of my friends just wants a fresh start, and thankfully we will get that (at least school-wise) come the second semester. 

The first semester ended today... and boy, am I happy=). We have a fresh start, like mentioned above. 

I added a new song to my Playlist, it's by The Beach Boys, I would check it out. Kelly, that is the song stuck in my head right now:). 

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McGlone Bunch said...

Silly boys...they all think you like them :)