January 25, 2009

The Gun Show (No, Not the Weapons)

I cleaned my room today. It was really messy. I moved some things around too, like my mirror and my mannequin so my room looks a lot bigger.  Then I did some laundry. I still have to fold it.... I always do that at the last minute. It was a very eventful day;). 

I recently told my mom this story. It's so funny. 

So, while walking at PE on Walking Wednesday, three of my friends (they're guys) ran up to my friends and I and yelled, "The gun show is in town, who's got tickets?" They did this while flexing their arms. My friends and I were laughing so hard, we were crying. As they passed us again, we asked them where the gun show was and they flexed again=D. It was funny. 

I sold some more Girl Scout Cookies, and I have to make more calls. 

I worked on my Science Project some more, because I need the extra credit because I think I flunked the quiz we just took. 

Now we have to print the Brochure out.

I have actually had dinner already=). Normally we do not have dinner until 8p.m.

My mom is at another tattoo appointment. We shall see what she gets next.

Now I am off to fold laundry and to print brochures. 

Oh, I took a quiz to see how addicted to blogging I am, and I am 87% addicted! (I think I may be just a little bit more addicted than that though.)


sushigirl4996 said...

what happened to the girls who were selling when they werent supposed to?

Bella Cullen:) said...

I don't know... no one has really found out yet except for my mom and I... my mom said that she was going to talk about it at our next meeting. I'll tell you what happens.

McGlone Bunch said...

Okay so where can I get tickets to the GUN SHOW???? I would die to see that!!!!
Oh and my next Tattoo is going to be across my forehead and say WHAT???
Is that a good one???
Your friends are funny :)