January 18, 2009

Hiking and Peanut Butter

We went hiking yesterday, as a family. It was fun=). We went with Virginia, and when I walked her, she walked me. 

On the way back from the waterfall, my dad kept acting like Emmett (from Twilight). My mom even called him her "monkey man". After he was done acting like a monkey and we were on flatter lands, he pulled me with him. I kept yelling, "I have to pee, I have to pee" as we went along. It was funny=). We walked two miles and we decided to make it a tradition, so we will be hiking every Saturday. Except next Saturday, I am starting to sell Girl Scout Cookies:).

I fed my dog, Cajun, peanut butter. He loved it=). He still has some on his nose. 

I just learned about the Miracle on Hudson River. It was amazing, no one died, thanks to one person. 

I made Pumpkin Muffins with my dad. The batter tasted good, and the muffins tasted even better. 

I added some new songs to my Playlist, and I moved it, so now you can actually see it=). 

I am now off to babysit until midnight! 

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