January 20, 2009

It's Official: Edward is A Barbie Doll

Yep, you've read right... Edward is now a Barbie! (Actually, it's an action figure, but they're the same thing.) 

I showed my dad and he said I would have to buy it=). 

There are also Twilight Band-Aids and Twilight Perfume. 

Oh, and when I was shopping today, I saw a guy who had a shirt on that said " Runs with Vampires." He was the coolest guy ever (at least at the store). 

Click here to buy Barbie Edward ( I love saying that).

Click here to buy Twilight Band-Aids. 


McGlone Bunch said...

Okaaaay Edward has always been a doll to me :) I think I need one too :) Definitely the perfume and the band-aids. We could go around hurting each and then apply the band-aids everywhere!!! Actually I think I need one now :) Who was the guy??? Was I with you??? Why did you not point him out??? Heeeellllo???? You know I like to look with you ;)

Bella Cullen:) said...

Sorry! I was on a different isle! We should but them and hurt each other... I will give you scratches, so then you could put Band-Aids on!=)