January 24, 2009

More Cookies, Wipe Your Paws, and New Shoes

Today it rained=). And I didn't have an umbrella when we went to the mall. My mom and I ran through the rain=). 

As we left for the mall to go get shoes, I took my dog out to go to the bathroom. When she came back in, we have a little rug that we use as another doormat, but inside the house. So, when she came back inside, I told her to wipe her paws=). 

I got brown Converse, and my mom got red Converse. She said I could wear the red ones, because we are the same size=).

I called people to ask if they wanted to buy cookies, and only one person answered. And he was the guy who has the Puppy. So, he bought some Girl Scout cookies, and then he asked me to babysit. He asked if I could babysit next Saturday. I told him I would have to ask my mom first, since she was sleeping at the time, and that I would call him back. I still need to do that:). So, anyway, one time he called a day before he needed me to babysit, and apologized for the late notice. Let me tell you, for any of you who have or have not babysat, a day is not late notice. So I told him what late notice really is. I got a call for a woman that I had babysat for before, fifteen minutes before she needed me, telling me her babysitter had cancelled. I babysat for her. I told him this and he was speechless.

So, I was laying down with my dog, Fanci, and we were all calm, and all of a sudden my dad walks over. I told him that he better stay calm, because he would mess up the energy. Yes, he did mess it up, but I fixed it. I owe it all to Cesar=). 

I was wearing my mom's engagement ring a couple of minutes ago. It was nice:). 

I worked on my science project today, and I finished one of the brochures. It took me about three hours. 

I added about ten songs to my Playlist. (I made up for yesterday.):)

Off to go to sleep. I am really, really tired. 

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