January 5, 2009

My Ephipany

While I was making brownies for one of my friends, I had an ephipany... here it goes. Try to follow along, I was in the middle of baking, cooking, and having a really, really strong ephipany. 

We all have friends (relatively speaking), but do we really need them? This question gets asked by us when we are doubting whether or not we are the perfect friend and when we might be in a fight with one of our friends, or realize that we have very little friends, or, maybe too many friends.

But, we do need friends. They help us lead a life that is worth living. They help us live our life. They help us to be crazy. They bring us up, they bring us down. They help us to understand love. We learn to love throughout many things and by many things and people, and our friends help us to understand why we love and, more importantly, how to love. They teach us many things, and we teach them many things in return. 

The more friends we make, the better. The more fights we get into, better, in a way. All of the friends, all of the fights, they are all here to teach us something. And, it is our responsibility to learn from all of these things, big or small, and in return become a better friend for people to look up to, cherish, trust, love, lead others on a straight path, and become better friends. 

Most importantly, we need them to guide us back on that straight and narrow path called life. When we are being mislead, they whip us (no pun intended) back into shape, or back into that straight and narrow path. The more mislead we get? The more friends (or maybe less friends), or maybe the more time/help we need to help us on that straight and narrow path of our life. 

Friends are here to support us, teach us, and to, most importantly love us. Without them, I think that life would be pretty darn useless and boring.

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McGlone Bunch said...

I am glad you are my friend.