January 30, 2009

My Mini-Ephipany (Believing)

Here it goes. Hope you all can understand it. Please keep in mind that it was somewhat written/thought about while thinking about believing and religion. We do not all have the same minds, and do not think the same way, and that is what makes the world go around=). 

What if you were being forced to believe something you truly did not?What if you did really want to believe, but you just could not? Fact after fact after fact made you stop believing, so you could not. We just could not bring ourselves not to believe, and when we figure this out, then what do we do? 

Do we lie and then lie some more and go along with whatever we are forced to believe? Or, do we come out with the truth, and rebel against what we are supposed to be believing? Do we then tell everyone what we believe? 

And, when we do make our choice, and say that it is telling everyone what we really believe, will we be 100% satisfied with our choice?

And, when we do tell everyone the truth (what we really believe), does it "set you free"? Or, do you feel the same as before, maybe even worse?


McGlone Bunch said...

Oh My Gosh I am so lost :) but then what is new huh???
As long as you know what you mean :)

Bella Cullen:) said...

Well... I wrote this in a religious class... it was written so only I could understand it. I'll try to explain it to you later.