January 14, 2009

New Name

So, much has happened today. I imported,exported, and deleted my other blog into this one. I am sorry for the confusion, but I was so mad, and I could not get my other blog, Life- Told by Me, to work because I uploaded a new template, and it messed the whole thing up:(. So, now I have this blog, See Me Enjoy It, with all of Life, Told by Me's posts on it, which for that I am grateful=). I know that it's really confusing (trust me, it's even confusing me), but it was for the best, because the whole thing made me really, really mad, and having to undo everything was nearly impossible. And, I wanted a new blog title anyway. I guess I really have to be careful with what I wish for now.

On a side note, I have changed my view on execution/ the death penalty. I will blog about what I currently believe later. 

Also, I wanted to tell anyone that I do blog about very, very controversial issues, and I would appreciate if you refrained from pointing fingers or name-calling, because of what I believe in, or you stop reading this blog, just because I posted something that you do not agree with or believe in. It's okay. I believe that is what makes the world go around (among other things.) =) ( I will also be posting this in the sidebar, so you will never have to forget=).

On another note, I got a really, really wonderful card from a friend, and I cried. They were happy tears:). 

Now I am off to try to finish my Social Studies Project!

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