January 21, 2009

Puppy, Puppy

Today was a great day. I was tackled by two of my friends today=). It was funny:D. 

Math was funny today. These two guys had a dance-off to see who's math question would be answered. Then, one of the other guys stood up and did the belly roll. Enough said?

Then, after school, we took one of my friends home, and she lives on the same street that a family that I babysit for lives on, also. I had heard from a family that I also babysit for that they had recently got a dog. So, my mom drove two houses up and decided that she would look in the window and yell "Puppy, Puppy" so maybe the new dog would show it's face=). ( No one was home.) Then, as we drove away, she called the Dad of the kids, and told him what we did. I could not stop laughing=). 

In Language Arts, I was reading one of Cesar Millan's books and she told me to put it away.I was sad, I really wanted to read it!

We had a test in PE, and it was a group test. We got an A+! 

I had so much homework to do, because I am such a ditcher =). 

I put some more songs in my Playlist. I love the song Splish, Splash! When I give my dog a bath, I am going to listen to this song, and that will probably be in a while. 


sushigirl4996 said...

Cesar! I need him for my dog! he gets along a little too well with other dogs :)

McGlone Bunch said...

PUPPYYYYYY!!!!!PUUUUUUPPPPY!!!!! PUPPY??? Why won't you come out??? and play???? You almost peed your pants!!!! I am glad you enjoyed me making a fool out of myself!!!! At least was for a cause :) I love your laugh...wish I could hear it more. I guess that is why I am such a goof at times. Just to hear that sweet noise.
Okay I will say bye now. But,

McGlone Bunch said...

Oh and no you are not getting a twitter account. Sorry!!!!

Bella Cullen:) said...

Oh, okay. I didn't really want one that bad, and I kind of knew you wouldn't let me;).