January 23, 2009

Rain (Finally!), Field Trips, and Cookies

It rained today in normally sunny California. It was awesome, except for I was wearing ballet flats. That's right... I was stupid enough to do that. So, halfway through the day, I decided I was going to force my Mom to buy me tennis shoes, Converse, more specifically. It worked. We are going to the mall tomorrow, just us... it will be nice=).

The 6th grade won the "Spirit Trip", so they got to go to Knott's Berry Farm, and no, it's not a farm. It got canceled because it rained=(. I felt so bad for them because they were told not to bring their backpacks. I bet they got to watch movies.... I actually had to learn (I don't mind somethimes, but it was raining and I wanted to go home.)

This is a story from yesterday, but it was the funniest part of my day:). So, as my Science teacher was telling us about the K-T Extinction, he moved to the next slide on his Power Point Presentation, and there was a picture of a meteorite crashing into Earth. He said, " Look, right there *while pointing to the meteorite* is where the Marshmonkies lived, and when the meteorite crashed into Earth, they came here. So, now, as we are sitting here, Earth is being invaded by Marshmonkies. But, now, we have Obama as president, so we should all be safe." I was laughing so hard I was crying=). It was pretty funny. Marshmonkies are a long, long, story,and sort of an inside joke, so if you don't get it... it's okay.

In Leadership today, we were all looking at one of my friends mood rings, and it was navy blue. So, after seeing that, Kelly says, with a straight face, "You know what that means, right?" My friend with the mood ring turned to me and said, " What does it mean?" She looked back at Kelly, and she said, with the same straight face, "I am so sorry to say this, but it means you are constipated." It was funny, and it didn't stop there... but I will stop, because the other things said were grosser.

Okay, as some of you might know... It is Girl Scout Cookie time. As Girl Scouts, we take an oath not to sell before the sell date, which is tomorrow, January 24th. Well, two out of the seven girls in our troop has already started selling cookies. My Mom and I got so mad... it's really disappointing sometimes, because some girls who also go to my school have started selling, not giving us a fair chance. I am really sad=(. But, tomorrow, I get to call people... and then I am going to the mall!

We did go and yell "Puppy, Puppy", because since it was raining, the dog would be inside. If it was, it didn't hear us. I think "Puppy, Puppy" is becoming an inside joke. I like it=).

Oh, did I say it was raining? And it will be until Wednesday. I am in heaven.

I watched Grey's Anatomy. I cried, a lot. Is that good or bad?

For once, I did not add a new song to my Playlist. =)

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