January 22, 2009


Today was good. There wasn't any yelling "Puppy, Puppy". Click here if you do not have any idea to what I am talking about=).

My Grandma called me today to Thank me for the Thank You Card that I sent. It was nice and I enjoyed talking to her:). 

Today in study hall, my teacher told the class that someone had been stealing markers from different teachers and rubber-banded them and put them in her desk (without asking). There were about eighteen of them, and she said that they would cost a lot of money to buy. For those of you who do not know, I live in Sunny California (I really shouldn't be posting this on the internet) and we are undergoing some serious budget cuts. She was disgusted by this, and so was I. Students know that the state, and the whole country as a matter of a fact, is very, very tight money-wise. She talked about stealing, and this other girl in the class said that she had has her phone stolen, and another girl had her pencil bag stolen. I was sad:(. 

I had fifteen new emails, and I am still getting some. 

I just discovered that you can read Fan Fiction on Blue Bloods too! I am in heaven.... For those of you have not read Blue Bloods, go but it right now! You can click where it says "Blue Bloods" for the first time to buy it. It is one of the best books ever!

I added a new song to my Playlist. (Don't I always say this?)

Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!

I have a math and science test tomorrow... so I need to go study!


McGlone Bunch said...

You need to get me Blue Bloods from the library!!!! I am glad it was a good day!!!! and Your Playlist is the Bomb... I should know I have copied all of your songs for my Blog :) just kidding...but you do have good taste. Like your Mother :)

McGlone Bunch said...

Oh yeah, Stealing is Baaaaaaaaaad!!!

Bella Cullen:) said...

I will get the book on Saturday. Just remind me=).