January 26, 2009

Tests, Books, and Sidebar

I got my math and science tests back, and I am so relieved! I got an A on my Science test and a B+ on my Math test (I didn't mean to rub it in.) =)

I am starting to read The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Does any one know if it is good?

I am going to force my mom to buy me CJane's book. (I'll even pay her back.)=)

I wore my new shoes to school and everyone was surprised to see me in anything but Ballet Flats=). 

Okay, so in PE, we were playing Volleyball, it was so funny. I screamed every time a ball came next to me. Then, we actually played on teams and someone served the ball really hard and it hit me. I screamed=). It was so wild. 

We did this experiment in Social Studies, to reenact the Black Death, and we used Eggplant juice to see who would died. (She put baking soda in some of the cups, so if the juice stayed purple, they lived.) I made the awful mistake of smelling it. I almost puked=(. 

I added a lot of new "gadgets" to the sidebar. You should check them out=). (If you click on the picture of the Twilight DVD, it takes you to Amazon, so you can pre-order it.)

I woke up last night to a loud, loud thunderstorm. My mom said it shook the house. One of our dogs, Virginia, fell off of the bed. She started howling too, she was scared=(. 

I have to start reading The Host... one of my friends told me that the first chapter is really, really confusing. 


Kelly said...

You have to read The Host right past the first chapter and blast through it. It's amazing. A lot better than Twilight! Seriously.

McGlone Bunch said...

I had fun with you on the couch watching and listening to the Lightning and Thunder :) I wish we could do it more often :)
Great talks