January 27, 2009

Volleyball, "The Highwayman", and Tests

I had a bad hair day today. It was really bad, or at least my definition of bad.

I wore my new shoes again today. They are so much more comfortable than ballet flats.

So, in PE, we played Volleyball, and it was so much fun. Just when we are about to end the unit, I kind of get good. I still scream when the ball comes near me=), but now I actually hit it.

In science, when I turned in my project, the teacher said, "You go girl." It was nice being complimented=).

In Language Arts, we read this poem called "The Highwayman". It's a beautiful poem, and when the highwayman goes to leave Bess, the woman, he kisses just the tip of her hair, because she is in an Inn, and he is on the floor. (Keep in mind this is set in about the 1700s.) And, of course, the whole class starts laughing. Except for me and a couple of other girls. She talked about how romantic some people thought it was, and other things. Then, one of the guys in the class says," Why didn't he just go for her body instead of her hair?" Then, the whole class laughed again. Except for me.

I have three tests tomorrow, so I need to go study.

Oh, and tomorrow, my mom, my princess (my sister), and I get to watch a baby! I'll tell you all how it goes.

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