February 9, 2009

101 Dalmatians

I love this icon, and it perfectly communicated how I am feeling. 

I used to watch 101 Dalmatians all the time when I was fiver or six. (The icon is inspired by this movie.)

I just figured out that a Fan Fiction that I am currently reading is the sequel. 

I just ruined the whole story for myself. 


(Just like the icon.)

At least my room is all nice and clean. 

And, all of my laundry is done. 

Oh, I just remembered I have to go to school tomorrow. 

And, I really do not want to. 

Tomorrow, be prepared for a longer post. Because I am working on it right now. 

And, we have to wait until Thursday for some rain here where I live. 

This week is not going so well, so far. 

1 comment:

McGlone Bunch said...

Tu dum Ta Dee Ta didadidaly day.....I used to have nightmares about this Damn movie......Diggy Diggy Diggy......On and on and on!!!
You turned out good though :)
Sorry you had a crummy day :(