February 19, 2009

Cell Phones

* I want this phone really, really bad.*

Cell phones. Almost everyone has them, because they are currently the "talk of the town." Everyone has to have the the lated edition, and the latest style. 

So, what's the rage?

When we loose our family or friends at Target (I know, you all love my store of choice) or your mom is late to pick you up from school, or you forgot your homework, or your car broke down..... you call them on their cellie-phones (cell phones.)

Isn't it magical?

So, what did we do before them?

Here's what I think we did:

We would actually try to find them in Target and if we did not, we just looked for them some more. When we forgot our homework, we suffered the consequences. If our car broke down, we found a pay phone that was nearby. And so on....

So, have we gotten lazy?

I hope not.

This note has nothing to do with this post.

So, I wanted to change my profile question, so I did:), and I got this..."For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank you note." 

I put: "Dear lovely-gift-giver Aunt, Since I am the Queen of Everything, *that's my occupation* I already have one of these. They are so awesome. I bought out the whole stock of these yesterday from The Queen of Everything Store in Teeteeville.I now give them out as presents.  Warm Wishes, TeeTee"

You can click here to see it for yourself.


Sheri said...

Cell phones are great, but it is true they may be making some (not all though) lazy when it comes to things.

Kaiza said...

Hey its kaiza if u happen to read this i love your blog!!! I have one if you want to read it im not trying to copy you or anything i just wanted to try it out!! I love yours!!!

Melanie:) said...

@ Kaiza: Thank you! Don't worry about copying me... I actually got this blog title from someone else (I changed it, but I got the idea form her).