February 18, 2009


* Can't take credit for this either, even though it is my all time favorite picture off of Flickr.*

Someone compliments you. Whether they like your hair, your necklace, your spicy red shoes, your dog, or your shirt. They compliment you and tell you how much they love whatever they just complimented you on.

What do you say?

Of course you say thank you, but do we say something else? Do we then compliment them back?

What do we tell them?

Personally, I love all of the different clothes that people wear, so, if I like their shirt, I tell them, and they normally will say something back to me like, "Oh, I love your spicy red shoes." (I am just kidding.)

And, then I tell them about finding my spice.

Not really. 

Because that is a long story.

On a side note, I found this website to be very helpful, especially when you can't remember simple thing like where to put a comma.

I am a semi-monthly author on this blog, and I wrote this post, which is similar to this post.

There was a gun show in science class....(Not the weapons that you can shoot people with.)

Sorry you all had to miss it:).

I think I am going to wear my spicy red shoes tomorrow, what do you think?


Sheri said...

That is a really beautiful picture.

You should totally wear your spicy red shoes tomorrow!

McGlone Bunch said...

Spicy shoes and the Gun show in one post.... I can't take it.
I can't believe I missed the gun show again!!!!!! Darn :)