February 5, 2009

Cookies, Cookies

Don't these look yummy?

It is still raining where I live:). And boy, am I happy.


Still very happy. 

It was pouring really, really hard for thirty minutes. 

Our satellite dish couldn't even find a signal. 

Thank goodness I have the spell check on, because I just misspelled satellite and couldn't.

No, I am not illiterate.

I just can't spell today.=)

And, in Language Arts, I have an A+.

How pathetic. I wonder what my language arts teacher would say.

In PE today, it started raining. It was so much fun. I had wanted it to rain in the middle of PE for a while now, and it finally did. 

I was jumping up and down.

I was excited.

Oh, and in PE, we also had to do curl-ups, but I got out of them because it started to rain. Now, I feel lazy. 

Thank goodness I exercised in other ways today=).

So, I do not get to eat the cookies (pictured above) because I have to make snacks for the teachers and staff at my school... for leadership.

Boy... am I glad I love baking so much.. because I have been baking ever since I got home... and I am finally done. 

Grey's Anatomy is on tonight.. and I am going to buy it on iTunes tomorrow!

I hope it still rains tomorrow like it's supposed to....

I have Girl Scouts tomorrow.

I added some new songs to my Playlist!


Lilith said...

how do you get Playlist onto Blogger?

Bella Cullen:) said...

Go to your Playlist and get the "code" for it. Then, go to "Page Elements" for your blog, and click on "Add a Gadget". Then, put the code for your playlist in the box, and hit save.

Lilith said...


Bella Cullen:) said...

You're welcome!

Sheri said...

I love the rain and listening to it too.