February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday: Getting Virginia

In 2007, my family made the decision to rescue a dog. We did not rescue her the "normal" way, we heard about her from a friend that knew the owners. We agreed to meet her original owners at a local dog park the following Saturday. We also agreed to bring along one of our other dogs, Cajun.

As Saturday rolled along, we met with the owners at the dog park, and both dogs got along perfectly. My mom was sold on her, and, well, my dad?

He was not sold.

Until, he witnessed her walk.

Then, he was in love with her.

As for my sister and I, well, we were already fighting over whose bed she would be sleeping in. We thought she was the cutest dang think alive, and I mean, how could you not love her, with all of those wrinkles?

My parents discussed it, and we were going to get the dog on the following Wednesday.

Come Wednesday, we finally got the dog we had all been waiting for, Virginia. The owner gave us all of the details about her, and, most importantly (to me at least), he told us that she does not like affection and you should not get in her face, whatsoever.

Well, I did.

On the first day we got her.

And, she loved it.

From day one, I have kissed that wrinkly head of hers and she loves it. She also loves when I am chewing gum or have just finished eating chocolate, because then she tries to lick you.

It may sound nasty, but it is pretty cute.

She is a very affectionate dog, and also very adorable.

And, I would not trade her for the world.


P.S.: I got the idea of Flashback Friday from this blog. Thanks for the great idea!

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McGlone Bunch said...

I do have to say your Father does like a lady with long legs :) He has not fallen in love with the slobber yet....I all around love her!!! she is my Girl :) I love how when I walk her people say....Is she a Bloodhound?? or What is it??? I should answer..."Pony" Ha ha ha