February 12, 2009

Footprints in the Sand

*Haven't I already used this picture?*

I like it when the lint catcher gets really thick, and I am the one to clean it out. I love seeing all of the colors of different fabric.

I dislike it when people have a blog or a Fan Fiction, but do not update it frequently. 

I like searching the webnet and finding new blogs to read. 

I dislike forwarded emails. Especially the ones that say "If you do not forward this, you will have seven years of bad luck." I believe that we make our own luck.

I like eating cookies right out of the oven, when they are warm. 

I dislike silence. Oh so very much. 

I like listening to the rain going "Pitter pat pat, pitter pat pat" on the roof. 

I dislike books, movies, and television shows without a plot. 

I like books that have a plot. 

I dislike it when parents tell their children to "Shut Up!"

I like my spicy red shoes

I dislike talking on the phone.

I like tornadoes. They have always fascinated me, and when I was ten years old, my uncle promised me that he would take me tornado chasing one day.  

I dislike typos. 

I like counting and smelling money. 

I dislike celebrity gossip.

I like handwritten cards. 

I dislike dancing in front of people.

I like dancing. Alone. 

I dislike it when it's really sunny outside, so you think it is warm, but then when you walk outside, it's really, really cold. 


Kelly said...

You forgot about:
I like when Kelly walks in the room.

Fire said...

'I dislike silence. Oh so very much.'
Rock on! Join the R.A.S (rebels against silence), we revel in the chaos of everyday life! I'm the founding member!
Oh, by the way, there is actually no way to join the R.A.S. You just kind of have to say that you're a member! (But, on the plus side, there are no restrictions, so anybody can sign up!)