February 14, 2009

Girls in Dresses

* Purchased from American Eagle*

There are currently ten shirts, three pairs of pants, four dresses, and three tank tops that have not been worn for about a month. I also have four pairs of earrings, two charm bracelets, three necklaces and some other jewelry that has not been worn in a while. 

And, no, I do not collect random things. Or clothes.

I just don't wear some of my clothes. 

Granted, it is currently winter and you "cannot" wear light pinks, light green, and light blue in winter. 

And, the dresses. Boy, oh boy, do I love dresses. I would even sleep in a dress if you would let me. But, it is too cold to wear a dress right now. I even wear some of my dresses with my spicy red shoes. Oh, how I love those shoes. 

Needless to say, I can not wait until spring. I want it to be warm, not cold, not hot, so I can start to wear my ballet flats again (my spicy shoes included.) I really, really want to wear a dress again. 


Can Spring come faster?

I finally got to wear this necklace. I bought it when I was ten years old with my own money. I love that necklace, and the ironic thing is that it is a heart. And, it is Valentine's day. 

I cannot wait to wear my "Spring" clothes. 

Dresses included.


Sheri said...

Very pretty Tiffany necklace! I've always wanted something from Tiffany's but never bought anything yet. Maybe I should add that to my list of things to buy. :)

It' an Evolution said...

You are very talented!

Melanie:) said...

@ Sheri: Thank you! It was the first necklace I saw when I went to their store in Beverly Hills and I fell in love with it. You could say that it was love at first sight:).

@ It' an Evolution: Thank you:).

sushigirl4996 said...

holy shizziez! 300 bucks!
i really doubt spring will be "warm"
its gonna be scorching!

McGlone Bunch said...

Yeah and I don't even have a Tiffany anything:? What is that about??? maybe I need to go shopping :)

Melanie:) said...

@ McGlone Bunch: I will have the gun show take you shopping (I think they said something about being in town in a couple of weeks)... they will probably convince you to buy something, if not threaten you with their guns:).

* Just so you all know, I am nit talking about the guns as in weapons.

Catalina said...

Wow.!! I really like your American Eagle purchase.