February 14, 2009


I am not special. I am not infertile. (Well... let's hope not.) I do not have one sweet husband and four beautiful children, or even any children at all. I am not a cancer survivor. I am not Bill Gates. I am not Oprah. I am not all of these things, but I am told I am something greater.

I am inspirational.

Like many people, I love to be inspired, and love to be inspiring.

Because, sometimes days just suck, and we all need some inspiration to want to keep on living.

And, when you come home, turn on your computer, and go on the webnet, I want you to be inspired. I want to make your day even better when you read my blog.

Because, when I come home, turn on my computer, and go and read this blog or this blog, I am instantly inspired.

But, as life wears on, and times get harder and harder, and more and more days "suck," I have found that I have been less and less inspiring. Except with my What the World Needs posts. But, those are a lot easier to do.

I want to be inspirational, I truly do, but I just can't find a way sometimes. So, please forgive me.

Because I am not special.



McGlone Bunch said...

You are VERY Special not only to me but to a lot of people.

Melanie:) said...

Thank you:).