February 2, 2009

It's February

Happy February everyone!

While I am typing this... I am enjoying a hot, warm, chocolaty (is that a word?) muffin. Did I just make you all hungry? Well, I just made myself hungry too...

CJane is a really good singer. Click here

Today was a lovely day. (Sarcasm intended.)

Kelly was not at school. We watched a really boring movie in Social Studies. Science was funny, as always. In math, we changed seats=(. 

And, I got sick. I think I am getting a cold. And it's almost spring.

Okay, so in math, this guy said I looked like Sarah Palin. Then, everyone was talking about her. In study hall, I told that to a couple of my friends, and they agreed with him.

I guess I look like Sarah Palin now. Lovely.

So, Penelope, previously called "Puppy, Puppy." She is adorable. I might even steal her, she is that adorable. And, I got to take her on a walk with the kids I babysat for. The kids that I babysat for were even more adorable. (If that's possible.)=)

I was introduced to a new show. It's called Lost Tapes, and it was really scary. The kids that I babysat and I watched this together. I thought if they could watch it, I could too. I was so wrong=).

When they were asleep, I watched 17 Kids and Counting. The show is pretty interesting, and WOW, do they have a lot of kids. 

I gave my dog, Fanci, a bath. That was very interesting. I think I traumatized the poor dog. Then, today, I gave her a walk. What do you think traumatized her more? I am still trying to figure this out. 

I changed my profile. Click here to see it. I asked for a new random question, and so I got a question about gingerbread houses, and so I put that I would camouflage with strategically placed M&M's... and when I was looking at one of my mom's friend's profiles for Blogger.... it said the same thing. I didn't mean to copy her... it just happened, I guess. Anyway, I copy people all the time. ;)

(Did I just type that?)

I am now off to go serve dinner (since my mom is at her yoga class). I am so hungry. I made pizza!

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