February 3, 2009

Life Lesson

I have a life lesson. You all should really try it. It is more of a suggestion, but I was taught it today. (I taught myself.) =D

Do not go on the computer while trying to do homework.

Yeah, I was stupid enough to try it... I wasn't very successful, so I shut my computer down rather forcefully. I think I hurt it's feelings. 

Where's Jasper when you need him?

I had loads of math homework=(. 

I was too distracted to do it in Study Hall. And none of my friends (that I sit next to) were there today.

I am reading a "professional" bloggers way to make my blog better. It's really interesting. Click here to see it.  

I am off to go to a class of sorts. 

(Tomorrow should be more interesting.)

At least you all get to read a new What the World Needs post. 

I love those.

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